Recognizing how critical the weather events are to our customers in Central Florida, Florida Plus Realty keeps an eye on our communities and homes on behalf of our customers at all times—before, during, and after a weather event, should one occur. It is one of the primary reasons we offer our Home Watch service to all our customers who travel during the summer, have a rental home, or are just away for a brief period of time!  Please see our website here for more information.

One of the key reasons for choosing Central Florida as a destination Florida location, is its distance from the more vulnerable coastal areas. This minimizes personal danger, home damage, and all the expense associated with weather events. Although there has been notable impact to certain isolated areas in Central Florida, we are pleased with Leesburg’s ranking as the #1 safest city in Florida for hurricanes and floods .

Florida Plus Realty’s Home Watch team is pleased to report that after driving through the 55+ communities in Central Florida, we feel gratitude to live and work in these beautiful communities where there was no flooding and very minimal damages and debris.

Our hearts go out to the many people and cities that have been devastated by this storm. We feel very fortunate within our Central Florida 55+ communities. Winter Garden, Leesburg, and the Orlando area are recognized as some of the safest cities in Florida for hurricane and flood damage, according to this article. Some of us lost power, and we lost trees, but thankfully, being farthest inland, we didn’t incur near the damage as our beach-side neighbors.

Hurricane Irma powered her way through the Caribbean, making landfall on South West Florida with force. She continued up across the state diagonally, from west coast to east coast, leaving unfortunate destruction on many coastal cities. She was a category 2 while she swept over Central Florida, and although we experienced very harsh winds and lots of rain, the results confirm that it’s good to live in Central Florida.

Florida Plus Realty wants our customers to know that, despite certain generalized media portrayal that can be somewhat misleading for our 55+ communities, Orange County, Lake County and Sumter County escaped the harsher aspects of the storm! Thankfully, as you can see in the video above, our local 55+ communities took very little damage. Norma Sebert, one of our Home Watch customers and owner in The Plantation at Leesburg community said, “It looks like all of Plantation came though pretty good. We didn't know what to expect - especially when we see those horrible images of South Florida.”

While this type of natural disaster is sometimes a part of Floridian life, there is always an aspect of living in any state that poses potential impact by Mother Nature: California has earthquakes, Kansas and the mid-west have tornadoes, our northern friends have blizzards and biting cold!  It is the many positive aspects of Central Florida living that keep us enchanted—sunny days, gorgeous landscape, parks, beautiful beaches you can go to even in the winter, and the list goes on!

For the few weather events we experience in Florida, we have THOUSANDS of beautiful sunny days. In fact, with proper storm preparation, there is very little to worry about. Between hurricane fabric or impact windows (which can save you money all year round) and hiring a reliable Home Watch team to look after your home in your absence, YOU will be the calm before, during, and after the storm.

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