There’s no doubt about it—winter in Florida is fabulous. While the rest of the country is shivering in their booties, shoveling snow, scraping windshields and traversing icy roads; we Floridians are hanging out in our corner of the country sunbathing on the beach with a cocktail, only taking out our one winter coat (let’s be honest, it’s probably a sweatshirt) on those rare days it goes below 55!

  1. The Weather: A different kind of winter wonderland

    We like our outdoor temperatures the same way we like our customers: 55 plus! Luckily, Central Florida in the winter gives us just that. While we get the occasional day (and a few more nights) that go under 55 degrees, most days could be described as “perfect”. The average temperature for a Florida winter day is 74°F, and the average winter month has less than 3” of rain. These beautiful warm, sunny days mean NO WINTER WARDROBE! That’s more closet space and money in your pocket to spend on all the fun things there is to do in Florida during the winter! We also get over an hour more daylight compared to our northern neighbors, which is great to enjoy more time in the sun!

  2. Theme Parks: You’ll never go in the summer again

    October through February are the absolute best times to enjoy the Central Florida attractions. There are no lines to speak of, and even if you spend a short amount of time in line, it’s pleasant when weather is so nice. That means, you’ve got a great reason for your family to travel to you this Christmas, and they’ll enjoy more parks or more time at their favorite park during their stay! Most parks and attractions also have special winter/ holiday festivities. Check out Universal Studio’s recreation of the Macy’s Holiday Parade or Islands of Adventure’s Grinchmas. Universal’s festivities are included with the price of your park tickets. Of course, Disney World has it’s famous, Micky’s Very Merry Christmas Party, among MANY other holiday celebrations. SeaWorld also features a Christmas Celebration through the month of December, including an opportunity to meet Santa.

  3. The Beach: All year ‘round

The beach time fun doesn’t stop in Florida! While the oceans near Central Florida may be too cold for comfortable swimming, it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the sandy shores without the tourist crowds and heat of summer time. It’s the perfect time for shelling—Sanibel Island is one of our favorite spots in Florida for this. If you are set on swimming in the sea, you can also head south for a weekend to enjoy warmer ocean temperatures. Off the shore of Miami, the ocean averages 72°F during the winter months.

  1. Winter Wildlife: Snowbirds aren’t the only winter migrants

    We call winter-only Floridians snowbirds for a reason! Birds love to migrate to Florida in the winter. Along with a large variety of birds, another Floridian favorite stays for the winter: the manatee! It is the perfect time of year to go bird-watching not only for the variety of birds, but also because the weather is so nice you’ll want to be outside every chance you get! You can join a birdwatching MeetUp or participate in a river tour, where you can also see other Florida wildlife, including Manatee. That’s not the closest you can get to the friendly sea cow though. Check out all the awesome manatee tours you can do in Central Florida by clicking here!

  2. Sunshine & Orange Juice: Two Florida staples

    Our state is abundant in sunshine and makes the best orange juice, but did you know the best time to experience both of these Florida elements is in the winter? During this season, you can tour a citrus plant, go explore the orange groves and pick fresh fruit, and buy some awesome Florida souvenirs to remind your friends and family how much you love spending your winter in The Sunshine State. See the many options you have to explore local farms here!

Why spend another year struggling through winter, when you could be enjoying t-shirts and shorts all year long? Why shovel snow when you could be shoveling sand with your toes on the beach? Why stay cooped up inside avoiding the elements for months, when you can spend every single day of this season finding ways to spend your time outdoors? Try a winter in Florida, and you’ll never have it any other way!