Pricing Expertise

Most experts agree, one of the most important decisions you make is setting the right price for your home. The right price accurately reflects the value of your home based on market conditions (demand) and recent sales activity related to homes that have similar characteristics to your own: this is what brings the buyers!

Right pricing nets the seller the most for their home in the shortest amount of time.  The strategy to shoot for the moon often ends up with incremental price drops over time, and then finally selling much later for less than you might have gotten if priced right in the beginning!  A real estate agent’s experience is invaluable when it comes to extracting real-time data from the multi-listing system, evaluating it based on your particular home characteristics vs. other homes, and factoring in your motivation and timing. It is critical to understand all the elements of a market comparable analysis, and a good agent can illuminate everything you need to know to price your home to sell.

Buyer Appeal

When it comes to making your home look its absolute best, decisions on exactly what are cost effective yet distinctive are critical. Having your home appeal to the broadest range of buyers is an art and a science. Whether it is décor, minor repairs or upgrades – a few key changes make a big difference to the eye of the beholder. You want buyers to walk into your home and see themselves living there. So what does bring the biggest bang for the bucks? An experienced agent spends time with buyers routinely, and knows what turns them on or off in a home!  A few hinters:

Maximum Exposure

Once your home hits the market, it has to get maximum exposure! Making sure your home is visible and appealing to potential buyers is the next most important step. A real estate agent has access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which makes your property instantly available to the largest possible number of motivated buyers – locally and nationally. A good agent uses professional-quality photos and aerial film, giving the absolute best first impression to serious buyers, who widely access the internet during their search process. When you look at the photos and films, you should want to change your mind and just stay put!  That good. That important.

The Art of Negotiation

When you sell a home, even though it is emotional and personal to you, being focused, objective and level-headed can make or break a deal.  A good agent is highly trained and skilled in price negotiations, counter offers, and repair requests that may come in after an inspection. Money is at stake, and this is the time for confidence and care. When you have an agent representing you, you have their broad expertise to help maximize your financial standing. They represent your best interest at this critical stage, and help guide you through the process.

The Paperwork (YUCK!)

Navigating real estate forms and documents required in a home sale can be daunting. From offers to contracts to disclosures to inspection reports to title documents…oh my! A real estate agent is trained and experienced in navigating the process from start to finish, no matter what surprises may bounce in and out.  They are with you no matter what: we can’t promise it will all be easy, but we can promise we will stand by you all the way, helping ensure it is as smooth as possible, walking with you through to a successful closing on your property.

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