The Best Swimsuits for Women 2017

The Best Swimsuits for Women 2017

Shopping for swimsuits used to be my favorite part of the spring and summer shopping season. I’ve enjoyed wearing the skimpiest of swimsuits, and all sorts of styles in between, so long as it was a two piece. To my mind, one piece swimsuits were for children and old women, not for me.

2000 heralded many changes for me, a major one being the birth of my daughter. I was struggling with baby weight, and not feeling particularly–sexy beach babe–and worst of all, I was undergoing a major fashion/identity crisis. My work wardrobe hung, untouched in stately grandeur in my closet, while a pile of dirty yoga pants and shapeless t shirts awaited a good wash. I had cut my hair to a chin length bob since handfuls had fallen out postpartum, and my tummy…oh we don’t want to go there…with a hairstyle I hated, and my postpartum body looking like a deflated balloon, I felt, dare I say it: ugly.

So the next major change of 2000 was…drum roll please…I decided I would no longer wear a two piece swimsuit in public. And, for the record, I wasn’t 80, I was 40, which had a way of adding insult to injury. I had developed such an aversion to one piece swimsuits that, as odd as that may sound, I felt like a part of me was lost, a part that had been fun, carefree, and youthful. After the grief subsided, I decided I wasn’t going to let the one piece situation hold me too far back: I would look for the most beautiful swimsuits I could find, and I would get my sexy back…someday.

Hello! tankinis, vintage styles, and exotic cutouts! Hola! asymmetrical and strapless tops! Bonjour! Low back and interesting back details, and cover-ups–we are now best friends. That first swim season took me to Nordstrom, where I bought a brown halter tankini with a beautiful turquoise broach at the base of it’s low V. It had all that hold everything in magic, so I looked–ok. I was still 30 lbs overweight, and had that ugly hair cut, but I was an elegant 30 lbs overweight, thank you!

That elegant brown suit saw me through two more seasons before I lost my baby weight, but I kept it for several years longer because the top was so flattering, I wore it with white jeans and boy was it cute! (Yes, I even make my swim suits do double duty–clothing works hard in my household!)

After the elegant brown tankini, and my 30 pound weight loss, I was actually excited to try more one piece swimsuits. Here are a few favorites!

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Woman's swimsuit

Becca’s Prairie Rose Tankini


White Swimsuit

Venus Swimwear


Black Swim Suite turquoise silk coverup


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